Gin Fluid 2

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Fluid 2: now with increased range

The original Fluid dominated international speedriding competition from its launch in 2009.

The Fluid 2 retains this skiing heritage, but now has an improved glide ratio. The wide trim range (-2cm to +8cm) and excellent take-off behaviour mean that the wing is equally suitable for advanced footlaunched speedflying.


The Fluid 2 has been through a long period of development, with changes made in many areas e.g. the profile, line concept and internal construction. We love the result and we're confident you will too. With the Fluid 2, you can have fun all year round, not just in winter!


The Fluid 2 is a high aspect ratio design, and thanks to its new internal structure it always remains stable and compact. The Fluid 2 is for expert and competition riders and pilots and is available in 3 sizes: 8.5, 9.5 and 11. Choose your size according to your weight, skill level and intended use.

Technical Specifications


FLUID #8.5 FLUID #9.5 FLUID #11
 GLIDER WEIGHT 2.2kg 2.3kg 2.5kg
 PILOT LEVEL extreme expert expert expert / advanced

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